Meet the Founder

Joanna Johnson- Harris

North Philadelphia born and raised Joanna Johnson- Harris is the wife of Jimmy, and mother to Brandon, Reginald, and Alexandria. She is the proud daughter of Geneva and Howard Johnson, and her stepparents. She currently resides outside of Philadelphia with her family and her beloved dog Polo.  Joanna’s family is always most dear to her heart. She is a proud Christian and contributes all of her success as blessings from God.

Educated in the Philadelphia school system until High School she graduated from Penn Center Academy. She is an alumnus of LaSalle University, and also attended Philadelphia and Delaware Community colleges. She holds a Pennsylvania Real Estate sales license, and National Crane Certification. Joanna was recently elected by the Honorable Mayor Michael Nutter to the Philadelphia Board of Labor Standards. She is a proud member of Local 542 International Union of Operating Engineers as a journeywoman.

It was a dream and a vision for Joanna Johnson-Harris to open her firm. She founded A.R.B. Construction Inc., in January 2008 as full owner and C.E.O.  As one of few Operating Engineers, and an African American female, she has acquired many accolades in her field and in her own business ventures. Today she remains the only African American female Nationally Certified Crane operator in her local union affiliation. In addition, Mrs. Harris is currently elected as a Board Trustee and a Civil Rights member as well. It has always been her fierce advocacy for equal rights and women succeeding in non- traditional fields of employment that are the driving force to her accomplishments. In addition is a firm believer and promoter, of higher education as the empowering tool for financial independence. She speaks wherever requested to get the message across, support others, and to inspire.

Through racial, sexual, social, and financial barriers, Joanna has in a short amount of time, successfully negotiated and taken her company to new levels. Her background in contract negotiations prior to the construction arena has given her great advantage in marketing, networking, and branding herself as a leader in the Philadelphia arena. On every daily basis, you may find her working on site, or diligently trying to attract and promote her company everywhere the opportunity may exist. It is her desire to expand the business to nationwide.